Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review: P.F. Chang's @ The Quarry

The Rundown:
The City: San Antonio
The Place:
P.F. Chang's
The  Day:
The Time:
8:00 - 9:30
The Review:

Following the rather disastrous first journey to P.F. Chang's last week, I was generously extended an invitation to return, this time armed with a gift card. I assure you that the following review is based entirely on the merits of the restaurant, and not on the fact that a portion of the meal was already paid for.
I'll begin by saying that, rather than attend the P.F. Chang's at La Cantera, I this time traveled to the location in the Quarry. This makes me unable to comment on whether the previous location has improved, but does allow me to assess P.F. Chang's other restaurant. To be quite honest, it was a massive improvement.I was greeted quickly by the hostesses upon my arrival, who identified my reservation and handed me one of those small buzzers they use to alert you when your seating is ready. Nervous that this might be quite a wait, I sat around chatting with my date for the evening, one I was hoping to leave a good impression with. Fortunately, our reservations were met quickly, within minutes of my arrival. No long waits, and we were taken to a lovely booth in the corner, away from too much of the crowd. Exactly the sort of treatment those who reserve in advance should receive.
 Our server was excellent, not only friendly but attentive. His tableside manner was top notch, and he served out our sauces, mixed and ready for use on our food orders. A step skipped at the last P.F. Chang's I attended, this small gesture added to the overall ambiance and upscale feel of the place. The combination of tableside manner, overall attentiveness and friendliness went a long way.

I had the crispy honey chicken this time around, along with an agave margarita and a jack and coke. The drinks themselves, not too strong, were at least tasty. For the price, just within the realm of reason. Meanwhile, the chicken, at 13.99, was prepared quite nicely. In contrast to the dry chicken I encountered at the last P.F. Chang's, the chicken at this location was, mostly, moist and fresh. Some of it, which I assumed sat toward the bottom of the pan, was definitely cooked just a tad too long. A little more stirring and a little less sitting would have most likely helped. Still, the taste and tenderness was, overall, quite right. The rice arrived alongside our meal, as it should, and in a manageable bowl as opposed to the large monstrosity I received at the last location. Thankfully, it was not overly dry, an improvement over the last location as well.
A few quibbles. Toward the back end of service it became apparent our server was a tad overwhelmed, and his attentiveness wavered. A shame, given his strong showing for the majority of dinner service. Still, I give him high marks for a fantastic dinner experience overall. Second, the decor. While the overall presentation was nice, warmly lit and nicely colored, there were parts of the wall coming apart. To really strive to be the best, that is unacceptable. Especially considering the large, stone horse that sits outside, the large tv that is anchored over the full bar and the lovely tables and settings, such details do stand out. Yet these are minor comments, and overall presentation and service were quite nice. Best of all, the food was, mostly, quite good.
I use the term 'mostly' a good deal in this review, and P.F. Chang's at the Quarry gets things mostly right. With just a few minor tweaks, they could have the perfect dinner service. As of now, it's still a fantastic restaurant, and one I'd recommend taking any date to before a jaunt off to the theater nearby, or to one of the many bars that lie just down the street on Basse and Broadway.

The Final Call:
Facilities: 4/5


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