Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Republicans Officials Are Defenders of the Constitution - Except When Disregarding It Entirely

I'm not sure how long I've heard Republicans claim to be defenders of the Constitution. This isn't a claim limited to officials, to law enforcers or creators. On my Facebook page, among friends, I heard vigorous defenses of the Constitution. I hear the defense of the Second Amendment, and the misplaced defense of the First Amendment that really boils down to a defense of Christianity as a government propped religious institution, rather than allowing all religious bodies to stand equally. However, at least among my friends I can have a discussion, a debate about the role of government. 
There's no persuading officials, however, that are members of what I have begun to call "The Crazy".

What are "The Crazy"? The Crazy are people that fall within the realm of those with whom there is no discussion. There is no latitude for movement, no ability to have a sensible, rational debate. They are so badly propped by misinterpretations of the Constitution that they feel that any law they pass must be upheld, even when these laws are in flagrant violation of other portions of the Constitution. These are the people so interested in defending the Second Amendment that they threaten the First Amendment rights of people speaking out against uncontrolled gun laws. They are Tenthers, those who feel states can nullify federal laws, even though this is a debate that was settled by a devastating Civil War over a century ago, and that goes directly against the Constitution's stipulation that it is the supreme law of the United States.

The Crazy introduce insane ballot initiatives, laws and make decrees that are simply not supported by the Constitutional structure of our country. Like Arizona, which attempted a ballot initiative last summer to reject parts of Obamacare it might not like, something the state simply cannot run a ballot initiative to implement.

They're men like Steve King, who recently proposed a bill to curtail birthright citizenship that is justified by the Fourteenth Amendment. This wasn't his first time trying to do so, and he was joined by legislators from five different states all trying to introduce local legislation that would violate the Fourteenth Amendment.

Meanwhile, the rage over gun control, which shouldn't be so complicated, has created a number of Constitution defying pieces of legislation and decrees. Lawmakers in Wyoming tried to introduce laws that would deny federal gun control laws, making them unenforceable within the state. They were joined by Texas, who mirrored that legislation with some of its own, and also made it a criminal act for federal officials to enforce gun control laws. And just this morning? Word out of Oregon comes that once local sheriff has written a letter to Joe Biden proclaiming that he will refuse to enforce any federal gun control laws that come out of Washington.

These are The Crazy. They are the ones who hide behind the Constitution while spitting on it. They're rattle their sabers and declare their patriotism while tearing to shreds the document that binds the nation's framework and legal authority. So yeah, next time I hear Republicans arguing about how devoted they are to the Constitution, I've got a long list of evidence I'm going to bring against them.

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