Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sandy Hooks Was A Government Conspiracy - The InfoWars Video

I'm not going to say much. Jump below the fold, and descend into insanity.  But if you want the big hits:

1.) There was a second shooter. Probably a government official, because witnesses say he was seated in the front of the car.
2.) They claim the medical examiner's report is a lie.
3.) They next claim that all the witnesses are hired actors.
4.) They validate that the witnesses are actors on the basis of 'suspicious' behavior.
5.) They use a terrible photo morphing to claim that Emilie Parker wasn't shot at Sandy Hook, but is seen later with President Obama.
6.) They say that the 'parents' are actors hired from CrisisActors.com
7.) Claims that FEMA was holding drills 20 minutes away in preparation for the tragedy so they could quickly respond.

8.) Finally, they claim Victoria Soto's Facebook tribute was created days before she actually died.

This is from InfoWars, a hotbed of conspiracy theory, so it shouldn't be too surprising. As of this month, 100,000 people have gone to YouTube to see this video. 125,000 people have liked their Facebook page. And Infowars claims their main website gets many of millions of visitors each month, which means there's been a bit of exposure for this video.

It's a shame that this sort of tragedy is being manipulated by The Crazy in order to further their wild conspiracy theories.

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