Friday, January 11, 2013

The Houston Texans are about to be Destroyed


That is the combined record of the teams that the Houston Texas beat this year. Of those teams, the only four winning teams they beat were the Denver Broncos, the Baltimore Ravens, the Chicago Bears, and the Indianapolis Colts. I'm not even quite sure how much you can count the Colts game, since the Texans lost to them just a few games later. 

The teams they lost to had a combined record of 44-20, and included the Greenbay Packers, the New England Patriots, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Indianapolis Colts.  The Packers clinched their division, the Patriots clinched their division, the Vikings clinched their Wild Card spot, and the Colts clinched a Wild Card spot. 

Now here's why the Texans are going to get destroyed on Sunday.

Of all their wins, from a pure standings perspective, their greatest victory was against the 13-3 Denver Broncos. However, that was early in the season. I'm actually not too impressed with Denver overall, either, but if you contrast them against the Texans, at least Denver hit its stride late in the season, where Houston faltered. All of Denver's losses were early, and it went on to win all its games from mid-October on. It's also manned by one of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation, something the Texans can't claim.

The Texans stumbled late. It was destroyed by New England 42-14 and finished the season with only wins in five games during December. Where you can trust a Manning or a Brady to create offense, the Texans have struggled, barely finding the end zone through the end of the season and into its Wild Card game. After seeming dominant for such a long stretch it sputtered out and didn't even seem capable of handling the Bengals. 

Sometimes, in sports, momentum means something. Houston has had none since December, and even its wildcard win can't save its dying offense. The Patriots started the year 3-3, looked comparatively weak when compared against a team like the Texans, yet still clinched their division. That's a mental toughness the Texans just don't have, at least not yet. And when Sunday finally gets here? The Pats are going to be coming off of a week of rest and time to heal up, and will be playing at home. They have the experience to win in the playoffs that the Texans don't. 

Matt Schaub has only had one touchdown pass in the past 23 quarters, going back to their win against the Titans, and he's going to continue cracking as the pressure intensifies in the playoffs. The Texans' best chance of winning will be by dominating the time of possession, but they have no way to keep Brady off the field considering how bad their offense has looked. If Schaub had given the Texans any hope against the Bengals this might be a different story, but look for the Pats to stay on the field and Brady to dominate once again. You can't beat the Pats on field goals. 

 Houston, I love you, but the Pats are about to eat your lunch. So leave the letter jackets at home.

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